For fifteen years, I weighed between 200 – 254 pounds, had high cholesterol and my blood glucose levels inched ever closer to a diabetes diagnosis. On a whim in January 2013, I committed to two rounds of the 40-day medically supervised weight loss program through Ageless Med Spa in Katy, TX. After familiarizing myself with the protocol and resolving to achieve success, I followed the recommendations of the staff and elected to purchase pre-cooked meals from The Dinner Dude. I lost 35 pounds on round 1 and another 30 pounds on round 2, with a 4-week break between rounds. As of June 2013, I’ve lost 84 pounds and I feel fantastic! I have more energy and confidence. My cholesterol and blood glucose levels are now in the normal range. I absolutely could NOT have accomplished this without the support and care of the fabulous staff at Ageless Med Spa and the delicious protocol meals from The Dinner Dude! Friendly, caring and encouraging, each member of the Ageless staff provided me with the support and positive energy that I needed to be successful. I highly recommend the program offered by Ageless Med Spa. If someone like me can do it, anyone can!

Stephanie Thibodeaux