Breaking News... this is Big.

We are now introducing Ageless VIP.

During this time, we have been looking for ways to add value to our patients.
It’s a time for us to give more and to be more.

Just for signing up today, you’ll receive an Ageless Signature Facial

Why is this breaking news?!
It’s never been done before and the benefits to Ageless VIP are incredible.
And it’s 100% Free to join.

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Each VIP Member Receives:

  • Ageless Signature Facial for Joining.
  • $25 OFF Paid Service for your Birthday!
  • Rewards based on your visit- Free B12 Shot, Laser Hair Removal Session, $150 off CoolSculpting cycles, savings on injectables like Botox, Dysport & Filler, and even a Complimentary Dermaplane! Plus many more rewards to earn.
  • Monthly Offers for VIP Members Only
  • Invitations to our Exclusive Events

That’s over $3,050+ YEARLY Value... Absolutely Free.

It takes literally less than (1) minute to join.

Full Disclosure: There is no catch.

We just wanted to add value back to our incredible patients.
We understand the best kind of marketing is giving back.
It’s that simple.

Ready to Join? This is a Mobile Platform.
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VIP Membership
Laser Hair Removal

Small Area

  • Unibrow

    In between, upper arch & stray areas on forehead or out to sides

  • Lip

    From corners of mouth, across top lip & under nose

  • Chin

    From jawline to the crevasse of cheek

  • Side Face/Hairline

    “Sideburns” from the ear across the cheek, down the jawline

  • Hands/Fingers

    Hands & fingers

  • Linea

    Belly button to top of lower stomach

  • Ears

    Up and around ears

  • Bikini Line

    2” - 2.5” down both side & top

  • Feet

    Top of feet & toes

  • Underarms

    Full underarm area

  • Areola / Breast Bone

    Areola & breast bone

Medium Area

  • Brazilian

    Full bikini area

  • Neck Back

    Base of neck to hairline

  • Neck Front

    Base of neck to jawline

  • Full Face

    Lip, chin, brow, sides of face down to jawline


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