An innovative membership designed to deliver & maintain skin health, body wellness & real results.

Ageless VIP Membership

Choose one complimentary service per month:

  • AMS Signature Facial
  • PCA Chemical Peel
  • DermaFacial
  • Package of B-12 Shots
  • Laser Hair Removal-SmallArea
  • Laser Vein Treatment-30 mins

VIP Membership | $99.00 Per Month*
*6 Month Commitment Required


Monthly Membership Perks

$50.00 off

each Syringe of Filler

$50.00 off

Every Cycle of CoolSculpting

10% off

Retail Products

Dysport $3.50/unit

Botox $11.50/unit

Plus, enjoy monthly Member ONLY
Specials & VIP Exclusive Events

VIP Membership
Laser Hair Removal

Small Area

  • Unibrow

    In between, upper arch & stray areas on forehead or out to sides

  • Lip

    From corners of mouth, across top lip & under nose

  • Chin

    From jawline to the crevasse of cheek

  • Side Face/Hairline

    “Sideburns” from the ear across the cheek, down the jawline

  • Hands/Fingers

    Hands & fingers

  • Linea

    Belly button to top of lower stomach

  • Ears

    Up and around ears

  • Bikini Line

    2” - 2.5” down both side & top

  • Feet

    Top of feet & toes

  • Underarms

    Full underarm area

  • Areola / Breast Bone

    Areola & breast bone

Medium Area

  • Brazilian

    Full bikini area

  • Neck Back

    Base of neck to hairline

  • Neck Front

    Base of neck to jawline

  • Full Face

    Lip, chin, brow, sides of face down to jawline


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