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“The Botox  you gave me achieved the best result I have ever had. No one before told me about the wide muscles across my brow, and whatever he did really worked. I was always stuck with an “11” line between my eyebrows that wouldn’t completely budge, even after Botox. It’s gone. He did magic. I’m really, really pleased. Just wanted to share that.”
~ Lanie Towns

“I went in for dermaplaning and came out with smooth skin. Goodbye to peach fuzz and old skin. I’m glowing!” ~ A. Valera

“Lost all of my baby weight with the help of Danielle at Ageless MedSpa! What a great place!!” ~ C. LaHaye

“These wonderful people helped me to change my life! I am a huge fan and so very grateful.” ~ S. Thibodeaux

“El doctor Elvis es increiblente maraviilloso.”  ~ Y. Alberto

“Review is strictly for laser hair removal. So far, so good. It is easy to make appointments and the laser tech is very nice, as are the staff. They use Gentlemax which is a combo of Yag and Alexandrite laser, making it good for practically all skin tones between 1 to 6 on the spectrum. I’ve seen about 30% reduction over the course of 2 treatments.” ~ Gayathri I.

“Super friendly staff! Used a groupon for laser hair removal and still had great service.”
~ Christine C.

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Testimonials Testimonials Testimonials

Before going to Ageless Center I weighed 215 lbs. I tried for many years to lose weight on my own. I ran, lifted weights religiously and I lost at most 10 lbs using the techniques that once worked but now didn’t. No matter how hard I tried I couldn’t get back to 190 lbs. I also had a medical issue due to my weight and I was determined to lose about 30 lbs.

I visited the center and spoke with the medical director and Danielle. On the first day of my consultation I decided to do the medically supervised weight loss program because how they explained the diet worked. The staff was instrumental in my success. They were always there for me to answer questions and motivate me to succeed.

At first the hardest part of the diet was changing my eating habits. I was accustomed to snacking on things and not eating the right foods.

In the 40 day treatment of my medically supervised weight loss program, I became disciplined in what I ate and knew that once my diet was over I must maintain my good eating habits I developed during my diet.

At the end of my 40 days, I went from 215 lbs to 185 lbs. The first few weeks were the most difficult ONLY because of the bad eating habits I have developed over the years. Once I saw I was losing between 5 to 7 lbs a week I became extremely motivated. The staff at the center would constantly compliment me in my success and that was even more motivation to maintain my diet and succeed.

After I completed my 40 days, I went on a 20 day maintenance program where additional foods were introduced. I started exercising and I quickly noticed that the exercises I used years ago to lose weight worked again. It was amazing how the diet restarts your metabolism.

I now eat less than I use to at each sitting and I focus on eating similar foods I ate during my medically supervised weight loss program. I do eat my “No Sugar” Ice cream every now and then. At this point I don’t feel like I’m compromising my taste buds anymore.

I love the way I feel health wise, the energy I have and the way I look. People have complimented me on my success and the way I look and that is now my motivation factor to maintain my weight.

If you are thinking about the medically supervised weight loss program, I would highly recommend the Ageless Wellness Center because of their Doctor, Staff and the level of attention I received. My program results and their treatment was so successful, that I recommended the center to the HR department section that handles wellness programs for employees at my company.

There are not enough good things I can say about my results and the center. My wife and family also keeps me motivated by saying how I look so much slimmer.

Thank you Danielle, Sheri, Nancy, and the rest of the Staff.

Angel Ortiz

At first I was very skeptical about the diet, but at the age of 32, 190 lbs and pushing a size 14. I figured since I have tried everything else why not. To my surprise in the first week I lost 9 lbs. Not only was I losing weight but, I also had so much more energy. With in 80 days I was at my goal weight of 135 lbs and a size 4. I want to thank the staff at Ageless for you support and also teaching me that what I was putting in my body not only affected my weight but also my health.

Thank You,
Cherie Rich

I have tried many diets and they were never feasible or just plain didn’t work. Eating foods I don’t like or starving my myself just wasn’t an option. I was skeptical when I first heard about the medically supervised weight loss program, but after seeing several friends and co-workers use the diet with amazing results I had to try it out. I went to the Ageless Med Spa and met Danielle and the rest of the team and was blown away. They were all so friendly and knowledgeable, I knew I was in good hands. I started the program at 236 pounds and size 42 pants, and was pretty unhappy with my appearance, more importantly I had been having back issues related to being overweight. Within the first week, I already saw drastic change…13 pounds! The whole time and had constant support from the staff to educate and encourage me. What’s great about the diet is that it keeps you motivated, I was losing a pound or two every day. I was also able to stick it because it is such a short diet. Previously I had failed at diets because they required you to stay on the 3-6 months or more, but with this program I finished in 42 days. In that short time I lost 37 pounds and went from size 42 to 36. I just wish I knew about this before! I have since maintained my weight within 2 pounds and have referred all my family and friends. It is spectacular and think every person with some weight to lose needs to know about this diet.

Jonathan Denissen

Handwritten and Heartfelt!*

weight loss testimonial

For as long as I can remember, I never fit into clothes, into seats, into crowds, into my own skin. I was the girl that would buy every color of something I found to wear that would fit me, would have to worry about what chair I could sit in, or felt anxious to be in a group of people because of my size.

When starting the medically supervised weight loss program, I was at an all time high… 313 pounds, and had already tried every diet out there. Most days it was hard to have the energy to get out of bed. 100 days later and I can tell you my life has completely changed. I can’t lie… this process took serious sacrifice an in the beginning I shed tears. I wanted to give up. But it didn’t take long to see the results and that for every sacrifice, it truly paid back ten-fold. 100 days and I lost 90 pounds… down to 223 pounds… but that isn’t even the happiest part for me. My happiness is knowing I “fit” into my life now. I no longer have the worries I did at my biggest. My health is better from blood pressure to no more migraines to ENERGY! I have zest in my life again! I’ve completely re-learned how to eat and found more enjoyment out of my healthy foods than McDonalds could EVER give me. And I’ve gained confidence, something I never had before, which is exhilarating!

I started the program to lose weight, but in the process FOUND MYSELF. I “fit”. I can’t begin to tell you truly how it feels to say that word. I “fit.” This program was the best start I ever gave myself and now I will continue the happy lifestyle I so deserve. Many thanks to all at Ageless Me Spa for not only treating me, but caring for me. You helped change my life!

A Complete Transformation*

Weight Loss Dramatic Results

For fifteen years, I weighed between 200 – 254 pounds, had high cholesterol and my blood glucose levels inched ever closer to a diabetes diagnosis. On a whim in January 2013, I committed to two rounds of the 40-day medically supervised weight loss program through Ageless Med Spa in Katy, TX. After familiarizing myself with the protocol and resolving to achieve success, I followed the recommendations of the staff and elected to purchase pre-cooked meals from The Dinner Dude. I lost 35 pounds on round 1 and another 30 pounds on round 2, with a 4-week break between rounds. As of June 2013, I’ve lost 84 pounds and I feel fantastic! I have more energy and confidence. My cholesterol and blood glucose levels are now in the normal range. I absolutely could NOT have accomplished this without the support and care of the fabulous staff at Ageless Med Spa and the delicious protocol meals from The Dinner Dude! Friendly, caring and encouraging, each member of the Ageless staff provided me with the support and positive energy that I needed to be successful. I highly recommend the program offered by Ageless Med Spa. If someone like me can do it, anyone can!

Thank You,
Stephanie Thibodeaux

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