dr kern

Medical Services

Ageless Med Spa is just that — a medical facility offering medical services in a spa-like environment. Dr. Kern is a board-certified gynecologic surgeon and a member of the International Society of Cosmetogynecology and offers a suite of medical services to […]

PRP FaceLift

It’s Official! Dr. Kern is one of the country’s few providers of the PRP FaceLift Procedure. What does this mean for his clients? It assures them that Dr. Kern specializes in the procedure, a highly coveted credential trademarked and licensed by the […]

What Exactly is Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy?

What are Bioidentical Hormones? “Bioidentical hormone” is a medical term for what are considered to be “natural,” versus synthetic, hormones. This means that bio-identical hormones are derived from plant sources, such as soy beans or yams. The phytoestrogens found in […]

Experience the GentleMAX Hair Removal System for Summer-Ready Skin!

Why be hairy when you can safely defeat excess hair? No more embarrassment, no more hassles… you can reduce that unwanted growth with our GentleMAX laser hair removal system. It’s the best! Both men and women can benefit. GentleMAX Laser […]

A More Personal Makeover: Vaginal Rejuvenation & Aesthetic Surgery

One of the fastest growing areas of feminine interest is vaginal rejuvenation. As a woman’s body experiences childbirth and aging, the muscles and ligaments surrounding her vagina can become damaged and weakened resulting in a condition known as vaginal relaxation. This affects the most intimate area of a woman’s […]