Men’s Health and Wellness

Men’s Health Issues

Men, just like women, face issues that affect their health, wellness and self-esteem. This can include cosmetic and aesthetic concerns such as excessive hair growth, as well as medical concerns including obesity-related complaints.

Obesity in Males

Men who are overweight have increased risks of hypertension, diabetes and “bad cholesterol.” Men who have dieted unsuccessfully in the past may be candidates for a medically supervised weight loss program that sheds pounds and inches quickly.

Ageless Med Spa also offers the Ideal Protein diet, which is another medically supervised weight loss program that helps you get back on track. Your starter kit includes bloodwork, one week of food, supplements, and plenty of support and encouragement from our dedicated staff. Adolescents, seniors, diabetics and vegetarians can benefit from this program. A consultation with our staff can confirm is you are a candidate. Learn more here.

Men’s Aesthetic Services

Laser Hair Removal

If you have embarrassing hair growth on your body, you are not alone. Excessive hair growth affects many men… but there is no need to cover up any longer. Laser hair removal is a safe and practical solution and can permanently remove hair on chests, backs, arms, necks… and much more. Learn more here.


Our in-office tumescent liposuction isn’t just for women. Men can drastically improve their appearance with strategically targeted liposuction, which “sculpts” the body and removes stubborn fat. Learn more here.

Facials / Cosmetic Treatments

Men are notorious for overlooking their skincare. But the skin is the body’s largest organ and deserves attention. Facials and cosmetic treatments are ideal for reversing and repairing the ravishes of weather exposure and general aging. There is no reason to neglect your facial features when Ageless Med Spa offers a free skin analysis and pharmaceutical-grade products. Learn more here.

Acne Treatments

When acne erupts, it can affect overall self-esteem. But help is available! Ageless Med Spa specializes in acne treatments that rid the face, chest and back of blemishes and outbreaks. Learn more here.