HCG — A New Pain Treatment Breakthrough?


At Ageless Med Spa, we’ve had some patients tell us that while they were on the medically-supervised HCG Diet program, they experienced unexpected pain relief for chronic conditions.  HCG injections are now being researched for the pain-reducing properties these patients have indicated, with remarkable results.

According to the study:

When the study started, all 12 patients were taking long-acting narcotics for chronic pain and short-acting narcotics for breakthrough pain. Their “morphine equivalencies” ranged from 500 to 1,500 mg a day — a massive dose.

Dr. Tennant gave the patients a challenge dose of 500 to 1,000 units of HCG subcutaneously. In just one week, 8 of the 12 patients reported feeling improvement in pain symptoms. For the next year, those 8 patients continued to receive 1 to 3 HCG injections per week (subcutaneous dosages were 1,000-3,000 units per week; HCG shots are easy to self-administer, like insulin). No other changes were made during the patients’ therapy.

They had fewer flares of severe pain. Seven of the 8 patients cut their use of narcotics by 30-50%. Five of the patients said they experienced some pain-free hours. All the patients reported more energy, better concentration, and less depression. And after the year was up, all of them said they wanted to stay on HCG — which was hardly surprising, given the benefits.

It’s important to note that these kinds of positive results are very rare in patients with severe, intractable pain. “It’s been my experience that severe intractable pain patients with presumed abnormal neuroplasticity, who are being maintained on opioids, seldom report improvement with any non-opioid therapy,” said Dr. Tennant. He added that it’s uncommon for intractable pain patients to reduce their narcotics while experiencing more pain-free hours.

Read the original article at http://www.jacobteitelbaum.com/health_articles_o-q/Pain-human-chorionic-gonadotropin.html or download it HERE.