Ideal Protein Diet Success at Ageless Med Spa!

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My name is Tom Kenney and I am 48 years old. Prior to coming to Ageless Med Spa I was 315 pounds. Like many people, I had tried many ways to lose weight but had very little success. As I got older it had become medically necessary. My cholesterol was too high and my blood pressure was borderline. With heart history in my family, I knew I had to make some diet changes in my life. After seeing a fellow co-worker lose weight using the Ideal Protein Diet, I decided to give it a try. I scheduled an appointment with Ageless Med Spa to discuss starting the Ideal Protein Diet. The staff at Ageless Med Spa were wonderful. The diet was fully explained to me and I started immediately. The diet is easy to follow. Everything is spelled out for you. After six months I have reached my goal of 185 pounds. I have never felt better. My health has greatly improved. Ideal Protein has been a life saver. Special thanks to Victoria for all her encouragement and support.

Feeling Great,

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