10 Common Symptoms of Hormonal Imbalance

bioidentical-hormone-replacement-therapy-katy-tx1. Fatigue

Despite getting plenty of quality sleep, you feel groggy and the desperate need for caffeine, which doesn’t seem to remedy the problem. Fatigue is a major indicator of hormone imbalance. Excess secretion of cortisol due to stress can inhibit function of other hormones.

2. Mood Swings/Irritability

Are you the least likely person to be nominated for president? If recent mood changes seem to be winning you more enemies than friends, you may be experiencing a hormone imbalance. Too little testosterone may lead to irritability or extreme emotional states at various points on the spectrum.

3. Weight gain/Muscle Loss

You eat right, you exercise and yet you can’t seem to whittle your middle or build strength and tone. It seems as though gravity is pulling every body part toward the ground and you are defenseless. Struggles with weight management and loss of muscle mass are signs of a hormone imbalance. Testosterone sustains lean muscle mass in males and females – with low levels, your weight and toned appearance may be adversely altered.

4. Brain fog

Can’t remember where you put your car keys, if you turned off the stove or if you sent that email out? Memory loss or foggy thinking are symptoms of hormone imbalance. Low progesterone –crucial to cognitive function – or excess estrogen can cause your mind to slip and leave you thinking fuzzy.

5. Insomnia

Tossing and turning night after night – never drifting off past dreamland? Hormones play a starring role in sleep quality and even your ability to fall asleep. Certain behaviors can inhibit hormones that induce sleep, like melatonin or estrogen dominance can downplay to effectiveness of progesterone, which is also imperative to a complete sleep cycle.

6. Low Sex Drive

Lost interest or desire in sex, including sexual dysfunction, is often linked to hormone imbalance. Too little testosterone can plummet sexual desire in men and women.

7. Acne/Excess Hair

After the age of 30, acne should, hopefully, be a thing of the past. Many times, however, hormone imbalances can trigger acne or cause erroneous hair growth in unwanted places for many women. High levels of testosterone are often the cause of these symptoms.

8. Aching Joints

Do you feel sore everywhere after keeping up with the grandkids or a brief game of tennis?        Aching joints may seem like a natural part of the aging process, but more often these aches and pains of aging are linked to an imbalance of hormones, such as DHEA, which is the precursor to estrogen, testosterone and cortisol. Without adequate levels, aging creeps up rather quickly.

9. Impaired Immunity

New research has linked stress and inflammation to the impaired immunity and the common cold. Stress can cause increased levels of cortisol, which further impair your body’s ability to recover.

10. Depression

Feeling blue and don’t know why? Hormones control your mood – too much estrogen or too little testosterone can definitely mess with your mood.

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