Botox Katy, TX

Botox Katy, TX

Botox Katy, TX

Is Botox “Right” for you?

We all have fine lines and wrinkles — some more noticeable than others. There comes a point when the image in the mirror shows more than subtle aging. Crow’s feet, marionette lines, furrows … when they become glaringly obvious, it’s time to act.

Botox Katy — We Have a Solution

Is Botox available in Katy, TX? The answer is YES! But beware… injectable procedures are a combination of art and science. Seek out a licensed professional you can trust, one who is experienced and trustworthy.

Dr. Kern is the Ageless Med Spa medical director. He consults with patients and analyzes their skin, facial symmetry, muscle laxity and more. After determining your specific needs, he, and he alone, administers the precise amount of Botox needed. He has served hundreds of happy patients who return time and again to maintain a more youthful appearance.

How BOTOX® Improves Your Appearance

As your frown lines grow deeper over time, the depth and intensity of the furrows tend to make you appear angry, anxious or older than you feel. BOTOX® is the solution. Once injected, it begins to work over the course of a week to prevent muscles from contracting. Eventually your frown furrows disappear and your face appears more serene and relaxed.

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