Dermaplaning Available in Katy!

173652649Ageless Med Spa is pleased to announce our newest service: Dermaplaning

Just what is dermaplaning?

If your face appears “fuzzy,” dermaplaning is the solution. Dermaplaning is a manual “shaving” of the dead skin cells and fine vellus hairs on the face. It leaves your skin completely smooth and allows the skin to rejuvenate.

Vellus Hair Vs. Terminal Hair

Dermaplaning scrapes away the “peach fuzz” (vellus hair) and leaves your skin bare and vibrant. Some may wonder if the vellus hair grows back thicker and darker. The answer is NO. Note that vellus hair is very different than the “terminal” hair of the legs, armpits, eyebrows and facial whiskers. Vellus hairs are tiny translucent blonde hairs and DO NOT grow back thicker or coarser after dermaplaning.

Is Dermaplaning Safe?

Dermaplaning is performed by a trained professional who has perfected the art of shaving the face. All skin types can benefit from dermaplaning (or blading), although a consultation is required to determine the advisability of dermaplaning skin that is experiencing an acne outbreak.

Dermaplaning and Chemical Peels

Dermaplaning is often used in conjunction with a chemical peel for exfoliation and to cause the skin to look and feel new, improved, and more refreshed. Also, ask us about our PCA line of skin care solutions to nourish and protect your delicate skin.


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