Skin Care From the Experts

163159679This summer we focus closely on skin care. Why? Because your skin is particularly vulnerable during the summer months. Heat, sun, sand and outdoor pollutants can adversely affect your skin, potentially causing damage.

But with a proper skin care regimen, you can defeat the ravishes of summer weather and protect your delicate skin. Ageless Med Spa can help and wants to you to achieve the healthiest complexion possible!

We join distinguished healthcare experts in offering skincare solutions, as well as advice on preventative measures that can spare your skin from harm this summer. Read ahead for expert insights into preventative skin care.

The Mayo Clinic

What does the Mayo Clinic have to say about healthy skin? Their five top tips include advice from the Mayo Clinic editorial staff. They wisely caution against overexposure to the sun and highlight the need for moisturizers and sunscreen.

Dr. Oz

In this video, Dr. Oz reminds us that, “The skin is the body’s largest organ,” and that we should look at skin care as “an investment in the future.” We agree! He also states that cleansing our skin removes dirt and oil and makes sunscreens more easily absorbed. He recommends using a mild, gentle cleanser and weighs in on the importance of moisturizers and exfoliation to remove dead skin. Sunscreen, he adds, should be part of our daily skincare routine.

Web MD

Web MD discusses summer skin care preparation, including the need for lightweight moisturizers, exfoliation and sunscreen. Although these common sense suggestions seem to be obvious, it is easy to forget the importance of a good skin care regimen during the hectic summer months.

The Ageless Med Spa Experts

Notice how the experts consistently refer to moisturizers, exfoliants, and sunscreen? Ageless Med Spa has the solutions you need! We are local, conveniently located, and available to assist you with healthy summer skin care habits.  We offer GLO Therapeutics that moisturize and protect, as well as Obagi Medical Skincare products that address the ravishes of a summer spent outdoors. And don’t forget—we are your source for one of the best sunscreens on the market, the Obagi Sun Shield Broad Spectrum SPF 50.

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