Blood Type and Beauty

blood type and beautyIn the never ending quest for beauty, we are constantly searching for new tips for the improvement of skin and hair. Interestingly enough, beauty tips for specific blood type have actually been identified. There really is a diet designed specifically for an individual’s blood type. Blood types can be used to determine what works best for each individual skin type. Sounds unconventional?  Perhaps!  But there is no doubt we will go to extremes to improve our physical appearance and keep a young, vibrant look. Obviously, the first thing that you have to do is know what your blood type is.

The first beauty tip by blood type is for those with the blood type A. Typically, type A skin is less prone to sweat than other blood types and does not usually have issues with oily skin. Type A individuals are usually cold and have small pores on their face. Experts suggest wearing layers to not only stay warm but to protect the skin as well. As for makeup, keep foundation light and sheer.

After A comes B. People with B-types generally have shallow, sensitive and thin skin so their skin’s condition can be unpredictable at times. Mild, fragrance free cleansers and gentle scrubs are best for B-types whose sensitive skin has a tendency to produce more oil.

Beauty tips for those AB blood type should use natural products for skin care.  It is important for them to avoid using hard water for face washing. When possible, boiling tap water will ultimately be good for their skin. One suggestion is the use of an egg white mask to nourish the skin.

Getting enough sleep is the number one beauty tip by blood type for type O.  Washing the face with a mild cream or gel cleanser and avoid foaming cleansers is a recommendation for this skin type. Type O skin is typically oily with larger pores so foam cleansers can actually aggravate common type O skin conditions.

Part of the beauty tips by blood type is to also eat according to your blood type. While you do not have to take on a blood type diet, there are a few food tips to maintain health and get glowing skin! Veggies, soy proteins and grains are a must for type A blood while low-fat dairy, meat and produce are ideal for blood type B. AB blood types should look for seafood, dairy and produce and O types should choose lean meats, poultry and fish.

Everyone is unique. We have different body types and skin types and it is a proven fact that each person responds differently to different skin and body treatments.  Considering your blood type when choosing your next skin care regime could prove to be just the answer you are looking for.

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