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diet adviceHow come it is so easy to convince yourself to start your diet tomorrow?  You wonder why your skinny jeans do not fit anymore or your blouse or shirt is gaping in places that it should not show skin.  After a long’s day’s work, it is all too easy to convince yourself that the workout just does not need to happen.  The market is saturated with diets, diet pills, exercise DVD’s, and gym memberships, yet there are still so many struggling to be fit and trim.

Design a list of things that motivate you.  Make a playlist of motivational music or “Google” motivational quotes to get your mind in the correct mode. Get your “head in the game”. Find a replacement for that weak moment.  If you find yourself tempted by a hot chocolate chip cookie or a giant bowl of ice-cream, keep a replacement handy that you love but is not as caloric. One method is to drink a large glass of water.  It sometimes will taper the craving. Find an exotic tea and make that your treat.  It may be difficult, but it is all about mind over matter.  It MATTERS if you choose cookies and ice-cream over hot tea.

Give yourself incentive.  Every time you resist temptation or decide to work out instead of sit on the couch, put a dollar in a jar. Think of it as an investment in your health and body. Use that money for new and smaller jeans or a new and smaller swimsuit for the summer.

Find a photo of yourself at your heaviest.  Blow it up and place it on the walls like a “missing child” poster. Such photos serve as great incentives. On the other hand, keep some “thin” photos around that motivate you to stay on course. Keep a motivational quote by the alarm clock so that you see it first thing in the morning and last thing at night.

Recording your dietary intake and exercise minutes each day has always been a good dieting strategy.  It identifies habits and goals that are essential for good dieting.  For some reason, journaling while dieting is recommended by almost every diet fad on the market.

Keep a bathing suit or jeans handy when you feel yourself weakening and thinking about ditching the diet.  There is nothing like trying to squeeze into last year’s jeans or viewing the “muffin top” that makes you rethink those extra calories.  Many dieters think that small clothes offer more incentive than getting on the scale every morning.  A scale can often be discouraging if the pounds are not disappearing as quickly as you want them to. When clothes fit that once did not, it is very motivating and uplifting.

Create “post it” note reminders that serve as reminders of what you are hoping to accomplish.  Think health! Think fit!  Think about all of the benefits that weight loss can offer.  There are so many things available to those who struggle with diet and fitness.  Health spas and diet supplements offer multitudes of alternatives to those who desire to lose extra pounds. Summer is around the corner.  There will be a lot more skin showing.  This is a good time to find the answers.

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