10 Common Symptoms of Hormonal Imbalance

  1. 10-Signs-of-Hormone-ImbalanceDepression – Always feeling blue but don’t know why? Too much or too little estrogen could be the cause.
  2. Achy Joints – After working out or playing with your grandkids do you feel sore? Of course achy joints are a natural progression with aging but they could also be linked to hormone imbalance.  Inadequate levels of DHEA for example, which is the precursor to estrogen, testosterone and cortisol could cause you to age faster.
  3. Foggy Brain – Where are my car keys? What is the name of my next door neighbour? Did I turn off the stove? If these are happening more often than normal, it could be a symptom of hormone imbalance.  Cognitive function is tied to low or excessive progesterone and can leave you with that “foggy” feeling.
  4. Fatigue – Even when you get plenty of sleep, do you still feel groggy and can’t wait to get your hands on that first cup of coffee? A major indicator of hormone imbalance is fatigue/stress due to an excess secretion of cortisol.
  5. Acne and Hair – Growing or popping up in unwanted places for many women, acne and erroneous hair growth! Excess levels of testosterone could be the culprit.
  6. Immunity Impairment – Stress and inflammation have been linked to impaired immunity and things like the common cold. Increased levels of cortisol can definitely impair healing.
  7. Mood Changes – Do your friends, co-workers tread lightly around you? Hormone imbalance could be the reason.  Low levels of testosterone could be the leading factor behind irritability or extreme moodiness.
  8. Losing Sleep – Do you ever reach that deep state of sleep? Sleep quality and the ability to fall asleep can be caused by hormone imbalance. Melatonin and/or estrogen dominance can lower the effectiveness of progesterone which plays a big role in the sleep cycle.
  9. Sex – Low sex drive or sexual desire, which includes sexual dysfunction is often linked to an imbalance in hormones. Low levels of testosterone can plummet sexual desire in men and women.
  10. Loss of muscle mass/Gaining Weight – Does it seem like no matter how well you eat, how much you exercise that you just can’t seem to lose the weight or gain muscle mass? These are all signs of hormone imbalance. Lean muscle mass in men and women are sustained by proper levels of testosterone.