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dietary supplementsDietary supplements have become increasingly popular as more and more people seek a “quick fix” for obesity and other medical problems. Asking overweight patients about their use of weight-loss supplements and understanding the evidence for the efficacy, safety, and quality of these supplements are critical when counseling patients regarding weight loss. More than 50 individual dietary supplements and more than 125 commercial combination products are available for weight loss. All weight loss programs are always best when medical advice is consulted first.  Monitoring makes the use of supplements more effective and safe.

There are multiple motivations for using supplements to aid in the diet process. Many who are obese are embarrassed and feel as though they are being ostracized.  There are numerous health benefits for those who are overweight to lose weight. Many feel that they are unable to diet without some sort of chemical intervention. Supplements are usually available without a prescription. The advertising claims are convincing.  Many equate natural with safe. To help identify patients using these supplements, physicians should ask their overweight and obese patients in a non-judgmental manner questions if they have tried or considered special diets, exercise programs, diet pills, vitamins, or herbs. Caution should always be exercised when using supplements with other medications.

More than 50 individual dietary supplements and 125 proprietary products are listed in the Natural Medicines Comprehensive Database. Ephedra sinica is a shrub native to China and Mongolia that contains sympathomimetic compounds referred to as ephedra alkaloids.. Ephedra alkaloids commonly are combined with caffeine or botanical sources of caffeine for weight loss. Chromium deficiency is associated with hyperglycemia and low levels of high-density lipoprotein cholesterol. Chromium is thought to play a role in carbohydrate and lipid metabolism, potentially influencing weight and body composition. Numerous weight-loss products contain sources of soluble fiber, which theoretically could absorb water within the gut, causing increased satiety and lower caloric intake. Fiber also may improve control of diabetes and hyperlipidemia, two common comorbidities in patients with obesity. Chitosan, derived from chitin found in crustacean shells, is a positively charged polymer thought to prevent fat absorption by binding negatively charged fat molecules within the intestinal lumen. Dandelion (Taraxacum officinale) appears to have diuretic activity and cascara acts as a laxative. Green tea has been identified in fat oxidation.

These name only a few of the many supplements that have flooded the market. There are many options for any individual that is seeking better health, weight loss, mood enhancement and many other mental and physical health issues.  Many have a proven track record, but it is always best to consult medical expertise before choosing any medication.

At Ageless Med Spa, we provide our patients with a medically supervised weight loss program that follows the original program written over 50 years ago by Dr. A.T.W Simeons.

We use a bioidentical hormone naturally produced by the body during pregnancy.

In combination with a low calorie diet, our program allows the body to release adipose fat cells and process them as energy, using the fat as fuel, so you don’t feel tired and sluggish like traditional diets make you feel.

Most importantly, you won’t be hungry!

Any personal trainer will tell you that you cannot spot reduce, but this program targets the bad fats that are located in those hard to lose places like the stomach, hips and thighs, resulting in a noticeable change and a contouring effect to the body.

Our supportive medical staff will monitor your Diet Program each week, and share in your success one visit at a time.

We also include a maintenance program to our patients that allows the weight to stay off unlike many online and unsupervised medical weight loss programs.

Call today for your free consultation to get a jump start on your weight loss!

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