Strength Training

yoga copyIt goes without saying that age, physical fitness, and body type all determine the kind of work out that is most beneficial to you.  Marathon runners focus on cardio exercises to build speed and lung power. Cardio exercises increase blood circulation and help the heart to work better and increase lung capacity. It is a great defense against heart disease and osteoporosis. Strength training exercises are anaerobic and are based on the concept of resistance.  Weight training and free weights can help with this. Along with building strength, these exercises improve bone density and cardiac function and raise the levels of GOOD cholesterol in your body.

Yoga, however, is a complete form of exercise that uses exercise and breathing techniques to help reduce body fat and make the body balanced and flexible. It concentrates more on sculpting the body and less on the building of stamina. The same graceful stress-releasing moves can be just as effective as lifting weights for building a stronger, shapelier body.

Yoga is not passive. Yoga poses require nothing more than using your own bodyweight as resistance. Knowing a few essential poses can allow you to continue to exercise anywhere, no matter where you are at any place or any time.

There are not as many injuries with yoga. A solid yoga program works all of your muscles — front and back –while it stretches them at the same time.  This helps improve your body’s overall posture, allowing it to function more efficiently with less risk of injury. By simultaneously stretching muscles as it strengthens them, many yoga moves help flow more blood and oxygen into your muscles, washing out excess lactic acid before it becomes a problem later on.

Yoga uses poses that teach all of your muscles to work together through a wider variety of angles. The end result: you build functional strength that trains your muscles to work collectively, which can improve your performance in any everyday activity.

Yoga through its various breathing techniques ensures that the entire body cells get proper oxygen. This process enhances the burning of fat cells and ensures improvement in immunity and activeness. Yoga is also greatly effective in developing endurance of the body by proper coordination of all the body parts and smooth functioning of all the organs. Yoga also helps in toning muscles and providing flexibility to spine. Yoga also improves your emotional quotient and works to improve your mental turbulence. Overall, yoga works as a strength booster not only on physical but also on mental level

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