Juvederm Is A Facial Filler That Makes Your Face Look Younger

Restore Your Skin With A Juvederm Liquid Facelift

After JuvidermBefore JuvidermIf you’re tired of looking in the mirror and being surprised that the person smiling back at you has a face full of wrinkles and frown lines, you might be ready to consider a nonsurgical procedure that can make you look years younger! Like its more well-known alternative, Botox, can take away the years and restore your skin to resemble earlier times. Juvederm differs from Botox in that it is a ‘filler’ that injects gel under your skin to plump it up. This brand-name product by Allergan, Inc. is often called a ‘liquid facelift.’

How Juvederm Works

While Botox uses a water-based solution is to do its magic, Juvederm uses a hyaluronic acid-based gel that fills in wrinkles to rejuvenate skin, making it more elastic. The product compensates for reduced collagen, a protein that makes up skin, connective tissue, cartilage, hair, organs, bones, and more. While Botox, in effect, temporarily paralyzes facial muscles, proponents of Juvederm note that the process introduces nothing foreign into the skin.

It is available in two formulations:

  • Juvederm Ultra XC, used to volumize surface facial wrinkles and folds in the skin.
  • Juvederm Ultra Plus XE, which works better for deeper folds and wrinkles.

You can usually see the full effects of Juvederm with one application, and Juvederm treatments last as much as four times longer than Botox injections. While you may need to have Botox injections about every 120 days, Juvederm can last up to a year, but may cost 40% more.

Results Of A Juvederm ‘Facelift’

Once in place, Juvederm actually absorbs 1,000% of its weight in water. It ‘cross-links’ with natural hyaluronic acid and turns into a gel that lasts for up to a year. Recent research has even found that hydrologic acid stretches skin cells and creates new collagen and reduce the breakdown of existing collagen. The result? The new collagen exhibits fewer creases and wrinkles.

Once the collagen-like material is injected into the skin, Juvederm results begin to show immediately, but the full effect isn’t experienced for about three days. The result is very natural looking.

Where Juvederm Works Best

Your physician can suggest whether Botox or Juvederm is the better solution for you. Sometimes the two are used in concert. Botox may work best on the forehead or around the eyes, while Juvederm might be better around the cheeks, lips, laugh lines, nose, and under the eyes. Many medical professionals warn against using Botox around the mouth as the numbing effect might freeze lip movements and make speaking or eating difficult.

Minimum Side Effects of Juvederm

Does Juvederm have any risks or side effects? Having a facial injection always produces some minor pain, but Juvederm is a free-flowing gel and now contains lidocaine to make the process more comfortable for you. At the injection site, you might expect redness, pain, tenderness, swelling, and bruising.