Cravings War

Food – a necessity if we choose to live. But, food, as essential as it is to your life and well-being, can also be contributing to serious health issues.  Obesity is a health hazard.  Diabetes is directly connected to the consumption of sugar. Vitamin deficiencies lead to degenerative diseases. The food we consume on a daily basis actually plays a crucial role in our energy levels and mental acuity. Food is essential to health, so how do we motivate ourselves each day to maintain a healthy, nutritious diet? How can we control unhealthy cravings?

Motivate yourself.  Make a long list of the reasons why you should make healthy food choices and the outcomes it will produce for your daily routine. Allow yourself to indulge. Do so in moderation, however. Differentiate between physiological and psychological cravings. Journal food cravings. Determine at what points in the day you crave unhealthy eating habits. Often, a pattern can be established that will reveal to you what triggers unhealthy cravings. On the other hand, listing healthy habits can lead to discover what foods make you feel and sleep better. Avoid that thinking that says “It will not matter if I cave into this craving just this one time?”  Change that way of thinking to, “Every time I resist temptation to unhealthy eating, I am strengthening my “resistance” muscle.” Resistance to cravings is a learned habit.  It takes consistent practice. Find creative ways to distract yourself when cravings occur.  Pinterest, crossword puzzles, music, books – something you enjoy.  Replace that craving with another habit that will not contribute to poor health.

If your food choices are not nutritionally balanced, it can lead to vitamin deficiencies which are associated with many diseases and the overall condition of your health. Scientific data confirms that these deficiencies directly contribute to degenerative processes such as arthritis, cancer, Alzheimer’s, and diabetes. Consult an expert on the correct balance of foods and nutrition for your age and lifestyle.

If you struggle with weight loss and it you are starting to identify serious health issues, there are medical weight loss programs and specialists that can walk with you through the process. Many of us require that “extra” push to change our unhealthy lifestyle.  When it comes to diet and health, it is always best to consult the experts. There is no price that is too high when it comes to good health.

It is incredibly liberating once you have gained the skills to resist cravings and have confidence that you can get yourself to use them consistently.

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