Puffy Eyes: Cause and Solutions

You wake up and you are ready to start the day.  However, you look in the mirror and all that you see are two puffy eyes.  Who or what is the culprit? It is possible that it is the result of too much salt on the previous day.  It could be that you did not get enough sleep.  The reason is unknown.  One thing is certain, puffy eyes make you look tired and old. In most cases this is a temporary condition but there are instances when puffy eyes last for weeks. What is the solution?

Sometimes the best solution is to determine what the cause is.  It could be fluctuating hormones, edema or fluid retention, fatigue, dehydration, medicine, heredity, or even allergies. Because the skin underneath our eyes is so delicate, there are almost too many causes to list. Treat your eyes well. Treat your eyes like you would treat the skin of a newborn baby.

How one defines puffy eyes really depends on the person. For some a slight discoloration in the early morning is enough to qualify for puffy eye syndrome. For others, puffy eyes are described only when giant water sacks hang from beneath their peepers. You know best how to quantify your eyes and thus are the best judge of whether you suffer from puffy eye syndrome.

Often the solution is as simple as dietary changes.  We are a reflection of what we eat.  Avoid too much sodium during the day. Always include essential fatty acids that include flax seed and fatty fish.  These essential fatty acids are instrumental in the reduction of inflammation throughout the body. If you can’t get enough, it is best to use supplements.  There are foods that contribute to puffy eyes. Processed foods that contain high levels of sodium and unhealthy levels of saturated fats can leave the body sluggish and unable to eliminate waste efficiently resulting in puffy eyes.  Potatoes, tomatoes, and eggplant are known for contributing to puffy eyes and inflammation.  Many say avoiding too much red meat and fried food can substantially aid in the elimination of puffy eyes. Things you should eat include green, leafy vegetables and produce like oranges, apples, and water melon.  These tend to combat dehydration.

Last but certainly not least, if you are prone to under eye puffiness stay away from heavy creams or under eye make- up that can cake up and irritate your eyes. Instead of concealer simply apply a small dab of hemorrhoid cream until the puffiness subsides. This will certainly reduce the irritation.

In our perpetual endeavor to retrieve our youthful appearances, we are fortunate to live in a time where there are procedures and solutions available to enhance the appearance of our skin and face.  An option for those seeking improvement for “puffy eyes” is a Vitamin C Repair Glo Facial. The Vitamin C Repair Glo Facial is designed to dramatically reduce the appearance of fine line and wrinkles, combined with a blend of peptides and antioxidants that provides complete protection by repairing and strengthening skin cells and capillaries. This includes a Vitamin C treatment for the eye area as well.  This skin and eye treatment promises to restore vitality to your skin and reduce the signs of stress and aging around the eye area.

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