XYMOGEN: What Appears On the Label Is In the Container!

XYMOGEN: What Appears On the Label Is In the Container!Vitamin deficiencies lead to a wide range of problems spanning from anorexia to obesity, organ malfunction, confusion, depression and fatigue.

If you are one of those people taking over-the-counter synthetic vitamins, you may not be getting the quantity or quality of vitamins you thought you were getting. Whether or not your vitamins are hurting you is another story. What people are not aware of is all vitamins are not created equal, and most are actually synthetic.

What is a “Synthetic” Vitamin?

The type of vitamins that are the most beneficial is up for debate. A healthy, organic diet should provide a good amount of nutrients that the body needs, but supplements can help ensure that we are getting a healthy dose of specific vitamins.

The problem is that many vitamin and mineral supplements are manufactured synthetically with chemicals and do not come straight from their natural sources. They are made to mimic the way natural vitamins act in our bodies. Natural vitamins are derived directly from plant material containing the vitamin, not produced in a test tube.

Many synthetic vitamins lack the transporters and co-factors associated with naturally-occurring vitamins because they have been “isolated.” The Organic Consumers Association emphasizes that isolated vitamins cannot be used or recognized by the body in the same way as the natural version.

Synthetic vitamins are also devoid of necessary trace minerals and must use the body’s own mineral reserves which may lead to dangerous mineral deficiencies.

To make matters worse, foods in today’s time have far less nutrients in them than they did 25-50 years ago. For example oranges contain one-tenth the amount of vitamin C in them than they did three decades ago. Spinach has dropped its precious iron intake and is only 1.5% of what it was only 60 years ago. This is because our soils have become depleted and contain few trace minerals and other vitamins.

To be an active participant in the care of your body, you need to know your options. Many people search out natural substances to maintain their health or to address particular health concerns when they become dissatisfied with conventional routes or realize the complementary nature of dietary supplements and functional foods. But, there is so much to know, and information-gathering can be confusing and overwhelming. We are here to help you learn about natural paths to health and vitality with products like XYMOGEN.

XYMOGEN formulations are based on the most current research available. The quantity, quality, and source of ingredients are reviewed by XYMOGEN’s esteemed medical board of advisors and functional medicine experts. Products and formulas are regularly reviewed and enhanced in keeping with up-to-date research and development. They guarantee that each of their high-quality products is 100% compliant with the ingredients listed on the label.


Whether you are looking to reduce the effects of stress on your body, support bone or joint health, or simply want to ensure optimal nutrition, XYMOGEN will give you those choices. The right combination of formulas, taken at the right levels will help you experience the results you’re after.

Whether you’re an athlete, a stay-at-home mom, an outdoor enthusiast, a college student, a business person, a workaholic, or someone in their golden years, XYMOGEN has formulas that will suit your lifestyle and help maximize health and vitality.

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