Dry, Sun-ravaged or Chemically Processed Hair Treatments by Surface!

Dry, Sun-ravaged or Chemically Processed Hair Treatments by Surface!

The sun is blazing, and if the hot air blowing from our blow dryers and the heat rising off our flat irons weren’t enough, the summer heat is adding an extra sizzle; putting our hair right over the edge!  Add salt water and chlorine – well – it’s no wonder our hair has taken a serious beating by fall!

Just as you would protect your skin from the suns damaging effects, you should also protect your hair!

No matter if your hair is worn long, short or somewhere in between, healthy hair is always in fashion. So where do you begin?

Surface Hair Care Products!

Bassu Hair Products: Gentle and Thorough Cleansing  Bassu Hydrating Shampoo provides luxurious moisture for dry hair. Natural palm and coconut oils gently cleanse while babassu seed oil penetrates and softens.

Moisturize, Shine and Soften Bassu Hydrating Conditioner has Babassu, Aloe and Flax Seed Oil that combine for the ultimate in penetrating moisture, shine and condition. The Babassu tree known as “The Tree of Life”, is a superior emollient for dry or oily hair and skin. Aloe soothes and heals. Flax seed is antioxidant rich and is nature’s richest cource of omega-3.

Color Retention All Surface products are infused with “Color Lock Vita Complex”. This complex combines Ceramide 3 and Vitamin A,C, E antioxidants which provides internal color retention and an external UV shield by reducing free radicals and preventing oxidative damage.

Trinity Strengthening Hair Products: Surface sources Amaranth vegan protein form organic farms in Peru. Amaranth offers nine essential amino acids that act to prevent hair from becoming dry and dull as one ages. The National Academy of Sciences called Amaranth one of the best sources of protein available.

Soy Protein provides tremendous strength with a luxurious, elegant feel. Keravis is a powerful hair-strengthening cationic copolymer of hydrolyzed vegetable protein and natural mineral silicone with a uniue composition of low and high molecular weight components. Strength through heat!

Surface Trinity Strengthening Shampoo: Sulfate Free, Cleanse, Repair

Surface trinity strengthening shampoo naturally cleanses and adds strength. Natural palm and coconut oils gently cleanse while vegan protein strengthens all hair types. Beauty with a conscience.

Surface Trinity Strengthening Conditioner: Adds natural strength for all hair types. Amaranth, Soy and Keravis proteins strengthen, repair and condition.

Surface Trinity Protein Repair Tonic: Will revive and repair hair. Amaranth, soy and keravis cationic proteins penetrate, repair, condition, shine, and protect. Natural sun protection. Heat styling maximizes reconstitution.

Surface Awaken Therapeutic Hair Care: Awaken Therapeutic strengthens and rejuvenates thinning hair and maintains a healthy scalp. Botanical extracts help decrease DHT. Anti-Aging Mineral Ferments aide cellular renewal. Vegan Proteins strengthen emerging hair, relieve dandruff and psoriasis of the scalp.

As the cells of the scalp and follicle become ‘lazy’, oils begin to build and sebaceous glands may become blocked. Awaken Therapeutic Shampoo utilizes Palm and Coconut Oil surfactants to deep cleanse the scalp and follicle while gently cleansing the hair. Awaken is sulfate free. To enhance this process Mint, Capsicum and Menthol are used to stimulate the scalp and hair, encouraging a flow of nutrients and antioxidants to the scalp, follicle and hair.

Awaken Therapeutic Shampoo, Conditioner and Treatment

1. Cleanse – Palm and Coconut Oil surfactants deeply cleanse the scalp, sebaceous glands and follicle while gently cleansing the hair. Sulfate free.

2. Stimulate – Mint, Capsicum and Menthol stimulate the scalp and help in the delivery of vital nutrients to the follicle and papilla.

3. Strengthen – Cationic vegan proteins of Amaranth, Keravis and Soy combine with the amino acid complex of Gylcine, Alanin, Proline, Serine, Threonine, Arginine and Lysine to strengthen new hair as they emerge.

4. Revitalize – Silica, Magnesium, Copper, Iron, Zinc Ferments and Superoxide Dismutase Antioxidant penetrate the scalp helping to keep the scalp and hair healthy inside and out. These Mineral Ferments and antioxidants aid in stabilizing healthy cell turn over and in development of new cells and promoting hair growth (anti-aging).

Botanical Extracts of Saw Palmetto, Camellia, Ginkgo, Hops, Balm Mint, Panex Ginseng, Maranium and Nettle; this complex of Ferments and Extracts nourish,encourage and invigorate growth while helping to decrease DHT.

Surface Smooth & Healthy Treatment: Are you tired of your curls? Or do you just want them more manageable? What about frizz? Is it your arch enemy?

Smooth, reduce curl or keep the curl and loose the frizz. You are in total control and completely respecting personal health and the earth. Your choice of treatment application allows for three levels of curl and frizz reduction. In salon treatment… time varies from 60 minutes to 3 ½ hours.Treatment lasts from two to five months.

Amaranth/Babassu allow the protiens in Surface Smooth and Healthy to attach to the hair and lock into place, producing smooth, shiney and managable hair.

Surface Smooth and Healthy incorporates these ingredients that bond with the hair to make it stronger and smooth instead of like most straighteners that breaking down the hair to straighten it. This is a true keretin (protien) smoother and not a harsh chemical reaction.

There are NO Adehydes in Surface Smooth and Healthy Treatment. So it’s SAFE!

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