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To live a long life one cannot be old at forty and decrepit at sixty. For that one has to be healthy, strong, vibrant, and active until a very advanced age. Thus it may be safely assumed that primitive man was young until he got quite far advanced in age. He surely carried all his faculties and functions into old age.

Now what made him stay young in spite of his age, and why are we so different in that respect? Since nothing of basic character in man’s make-up has changed since primitive man roamed this earth except perhaps that his brain has developed into its present stage we must presume that it was his mode of living which kept primitive man in good shape — his surroundings, activity and food

However, as we have shown before, the most important factor in building health and longevity is our food. Primitive man, in most respects, lived essentially the way we do nowadays but he did not know the use of fire for the cooking of foods. He subsisted exclusively on raw natural foods. This is the secret of youth — when we put living foods into our bodies we build living cells in it; conversely, dead foods destroy cells instead of building healthy new ones, and as a result, the renewal of cells is sluggish; our elimination is impaired and the result is that we retain more of the old worn-out cells. This constitutes the process of aging – the inability to replace worn-out cells with new ones. When, on the other hand, we supply our body with living raw foods abun­dant with vitamins and minerals we are apt to build young cells, clear our blood of toxins, our skin of irregularities and blotches, get a sparkle of vitality in our eyes, and buoyancy in our legs. All functions of our body will be improved, including our metabolism. This will change not only our feelings of well-being but will actual­ly make us look younger.

While all natural raw foods are beneficial for the maintenance of health and youth some are particularly excellent for this pur­pose. Citrus fruit — oranges, grapefruit, lemons — and pineapple are known to contain enzymes which promote a smooth pliable skin. Deep-colored vegetables like carrots and yellow corn are valuable for their carotene; spinach, celery, parsley, water cress and cucum­bers, for their abundance of chlorophyll. For best results use large amounts of the juices of all these vegetables. Raw milk is another excellent source of life-giving enzymes out of which our body pro­duces hormones.

There is a true saying—”You are as old as you think you are” and another one “You cannot have a young body with an old mind.” By considering yourself old you act old and, thus, old age becomes a habit with you. By convincing yourself that you are young the reverse takes place; you begin to act young and feel young. Keep on telling yourself—I am young, I am young, I am young—until you really become young.

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