Wrinkles 101

Admittedly, laying on a beautiful beach and enjoying the sun after a hard week at work can be exhilarating….but there will be consequences….yes, you’ve got it, wrinkles!

It is a proven fact that skin ages, dramatically affecting our physical appearance.  This kind of aging means profound changes to our skin that can be brought on by the sun.  It is called photo aging and is seen as dryness or roughness, sagginess, skin growths called ‘liver spots’ or keratosis-commonly known as wrinkles. And the need for potential wrinkles treatment increases with each little ray that bronzes your skin.

There are two types of wrinkles – fine surface lines and deep pores with skin furrows. The first type of wrinkle tends to respond well to frequent and general wrinkle treatments, but the second type of wrinkle may require a lot more aggressive wrinkle treatment. For example, longer term dermatological help or even cosmetic surgery.

Development of Wrinkles

  • Among the major factors that give rise to skin wrinkles tend to be smoking, which cause the skin to become drier because it reduces moisture.
  • The type of skin you have also affects wrinkle development. Given that people with a light skin color skin and light-colored eyes are susceptible to the sun.
  • Hereditary particulars as there are family lines which have been more prone to skin issues and wrinkles
  • Hairstyle can, oddly enough, be a factor in the number and location of wrinkles found on your body. This depends on just how much skin receives hair coverage and is shielded from the sun’s rays.
  • The amount of sun exposure you’ve had throughout your life while participating in either your leisure or recreational pursuits, or your occupational exposure.
  • There is also a mounting belief that long-term stress plays a role in premature aging including the development of wrinkles. While this isn’t necessarily established through medical science, there is much empirical evidence to suggest this.

Wrinkles Treatment Available

  • Currently, there are a lot associated with wrinkles treatment available in the market nowadays, both over the counter as well as prescription treatments, included in this, Vitamin A acid, alpha hydroxy chemicals, antioxidants and various moisturizing agents.
  • For more established or deeper wrinkles more advanced wrinkle treatments may be necessary. These include cosmetic procedures just like glycolic acid peels, dermabrasion, laser resurfacing, surgical treatments, along with the popular Botox treatments.

Thus, it can be established that much of the development of wrinkles will be caused by a combination of the level of lifetime exposure to the sun, and a person’s level of individual pigment protection.

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