A More Personal Makeover: Vaginal Rejuvenation & Aesthetic Surgery

vaginal rejuvenation cosmetic gynecology aesthetic surgeryOne of the fastest growing areas of feminine interest is vaginal rejuvenation. As a woman’s body experiences childbirth and aging, the muscles and ligaments surrounding her vagina can become damaged and weakened resulting in a condition known as vaginal relaxation. This affects the most intimate area of a woman’s life. Many times, restoring this area of a woman’s body revitalizes her feeling of sexuality, and restores the love-life of a female and her partner.

Unfortunately, the process of aging, childbirth, and natural genetics can create vaginal bulkiness and stretch out the muscles of the vaginal area. This often interferes with adequate stimulation during sexual activity. Physically disproportionate areas of the body can create vaginal discomfort, labial bruising and embarrassment. After childbirth, a woman’s vagina may be lax, interfering with adequate stimulation for herself and her partner.

In the past, these areas were largely ignored by the medical community and considered “taboo” topics of conversation. However, skilled and compassionate doctors have advanced the techniques to restore this area of the body and empower their patients to enjoy their sexuality. These areas of the body can now be restored with the help of a skilled and compassionate doctor. The benefit of addressing these issues increases a patient’s self-esteem and can be lifechanging. In fact, there are procedures that can intensify a patient’s stimulation during sex,” says Dr. James H. Kern.

“Cosmetic genital surgery can dramatically improve a woman’s positive body image and self-esteem,” continues Dr. Kern. “A one hour muscle control surgery restores vaginal control that addresses tone and strength that addresses this important area of their life. Vaginal Rejuvenation has been well-received in magazines such as Cosmopolitan, Bazaar, Elle, Marie Claire, and Vogue.

Based on patient’s needs and concerns, Dr. Kern has developed a customized Vaginal Rejuvenation that includes:

– Labial recontouring and sculpturing to ease discomfort and create a more youthful appearance of the vaginal lips
– Quick and painless collagen injections to augment and increase the G-Spot, making it easier to stimulate and enhance sexual satisfaction
– Reducing unnecessary skin covering surrounding the clitoris to increase sensation, allowing for heightened stimulation and more intense orgasms
– Improvement of urinary incontinence
– Liposuction and recontouring of the vagina’s outer lips to create a more pleasing appearance
– Vaginal reshaping, sometimes referred to as “Daddy Stitch” using a combination of surgical techniques to improve tone and provide a more enjoyable sexual experience

At the Ageless Med Spa, we believe that empowering patients with options improves their sexual awareness and improves their quality of life on every level. Learn about Vaginal Rejuvenation and other advances in rejuvenation procedures by calling the Ageless Med Spa or visit our web site at www.agelessmedspakaty.com.